Ancient Sculpture Gallery

Museum Reproductions of Ancient and Modern Art Masterpieces

About Ancient Sculpture Gallery LLC

We have a passionate love for ancient art and consider the antiquity to be the most creative and artistic period of human civilization. We have invested countless of years in collecting authentic ancient artifacts and recreating the most impressive ancient masterpieces by utilizing the same techniques employed by the original artists centuries ago.

Our ever growing collection of handmade art of unsurpassed quality and lasting beauty has already become centerpiece of many great home, office, and garden collections. Our clients come from all walks of life – from private individuals who commissioned art for their estates, to interior designers, architects, businesses, and churches who want to reclaim the ancient elegance. We can hand-replicate any sculpture, mosaic, icon and painting requested and unlike other Internet stores, we welcome commission work. Also unlike other Internet stores which simply sell mass produced imitations imported from third world countries, we give personal touch to every piece we make. We do not import products made of plaster that give cheep and kitsch look and feel to the product as soon it is touched and lifted like a feather.

Our mission is to recreate and deliver the best of antiquity to the modern admirer, the best masterpieces of Greek, Macedonian, Hellenistic, Roman, Egyptian, Persian, Byzantine, Indian, Mayan, Christian and Western art. It begins with the unique design of our website where we provide you with extra-large photographs of our museum pieces, as well as in-depth description of the captured subject. We believe that in making a decision, you should have the best possible view and knowledge of the artwork that you want to decorate your surrounding.

Your home and office is a reflection of who you are and what inspires you - bring the spirit of timeless ancient beauty into it.