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Achilles and the Amazon Queen Amphora Vase

Finish: hand-drawn and painted
Dimensions: 40 cm (16") High
Item No. V175-40
Period: Greek Age (7th-4th century B.C.)
Condition: New
This Item is an Identical Museum Reproduction


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HAND-CRAFTED AND HAND PAINTED BEAUTIFUL Replica from an original ancient Greek Vase NECK AMPHORA Museum Replica Achilles and the Amazon Queen This black figure amphora shows the Amazon queen, Penthesileia, the daughter of the god of war, Ares. The beautiful queen was also a fierce warrior, and had in fact, killed another queen, Hippolyte. Penthesileia led the Amazons to fight in Troy to support King Priam, to whom she owed a favor. She killed many Greeks at Troy, until she was finally killed herself by Achilles. As Achilles was disarming her body, he fell in love with her beauty, and regretted killing her. Her body was never properly buried, as an enemy of Achilles had it tossed into a river. The reverse of the vase shows the god Dionysos with his son, Oinopion, which means “Wine maker” in Greek. The artist signed the sign “Exekias Epioison” on the left side of the vase, which means “Exekias made it”.

About our Greek Vases: Our vases are NOT fastly made kitsch replicas, nor are they cheaply made of substitute materials such as resin. We stick to the materials and methods used by ancient Greeks and use only top quality ceramics and paints. Every piece is a stunning work of art, an amazing replica of an actual historic vessel from a museum or other collection created between 2,800-2,000 years ago. Every piece is individually hand thrown terracotta, hand-shaped, and hand-painted in exquisite detail in Greece and signed by a professional master reproduction artist which masters the art of the ancient Greek pottery. The whole process is made by hand (like in ancient times) using only top quality row materials. We respectfully preserve the sensitivity and the dignity of ancient pieces while guaranteeing the quality and the curacy of all the pieces we reproduce. This is why our ceramics are preferred selection of the "Hellenic Handcrafted Creations" Collection. We offer the following types of ancient Greek vases and plates: Geometrical, Corinthian, Black figure vases, Red figure vases, White ground vases, and other. For more info on Greek vases visit these links: (1) Wikipedia Pottery of ancient Greece: (2) Greek Vase Shapes: We have many vases in our collection "Greek Vases Museum Replicas"

To more details and to see pictures of our working method in recreating ancient Greek vase please visit our "Greek Vases Museum Reproductions FAQ"
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