Antiochus III the Great Hellenistic Macedonian Seleucid king of Syrian large bust

Made of cast stone and hand-finished in antique finish

Antique Stone

W: 11" H: 21" D: 13" (28cm x 53cm x 33cm)

50 lbs (22.7 kg)

Item No.

Louvre Museum, Paris

Hellenistic Age (4th-1st century B.C.)


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This bust is replica of the famous buts of Antiochus the Great now in the Louvre Museum in Paris. The Macedonian Hellenistic king Antiochus III the Great, (ca. 241-187 BC, ruled 222-187 BC), younger son of Seleucus II Callinicus, became the 6th ruler of the Seleucid Empire as a youth of about eighteen in 223 BC. His traditional designation, the Great, reflects an epithet he briefly assumed after his Eastern Campaign (it appears in regnal formulas at Amyzon in 203 and 202 BC, but not later). He was one of the most interesting kings of the Hellenistic Age, only few kings alongside Alexander the Great could have the addition of "the Great". Item No. 433 Weight 50 Lb. Dimensions W: 11" H: 21" D: 13" Made of cast stone and finished in bronze, also available in antique finish.
Made of cast stone. Cast stone is a type of gypsum cement whose properties are much different from plaster of paris which is what most sculpture shops use. Unlike plaster, which is soft, light and weak, cast stone is hard, heavy and strong. Cast stone feels like, and is heavy like a real stone would be, which can be experienced as soon you try to lift it.

This item is also available in other color finishes - if you like other then the pictured finish, please chose from the pull down menu above. To see pictures of our cast stone finishes please visit our "Cast Stone Sculptures FAQ". There is no extra charge for any other finish you chose.
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