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Bust Head of Apollo British Museum Bronze Replica

Made of 100% pure bronze (lost wax)
Finish: Aged Bronze
Dimensions: overall height with base: 41 cm or 16"
Item No. BM102
Period: Hellenistic Age (4th-1st century B.C.)
This Item is an Identical Museum Reproduction


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This an identical replica of an original from the British Museum, London. Apollo was an Olympian god of outstanding beauty, and was linked to the sun, music and poetry. This finely modeled solid bronze head is cast from a mould of the original sculpture which dates from c. 460 BC. One of the very few pieces to have survived from this period, its importance is therefore inestimable. The god Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto, and the brother of Artemis. He was the god of music and poetry, and was also closely associated with the sun. The centre for his worship was based at Delphi, where he was supposed to have slain Python, the dragon who guarded the oracle there. Apollo subsequently undertook the protection of the oracle himself and occasionally passed on the skill of divination to others. His amorous liasons with both nymphs and with mortal women were numerous indeed, as were the offspring of these encounters. He is credited with being the father of, among others, Orpheus, Asclepius (the god of medicine), Troilus and Pythagoras. This replica has been moulded from a bronze head once owned by the Dukes of Devonshire. Originally part of a full-length statue it was found at Tamassos on Cyprus, and dates from around 470-460 BC. It is one of the few pieces of bronze sculpture to have survived from this period so it is of great importance. Also available in hand-patinated bronze on acrylic resin (please check our other listing).

Made of bronze (lost wax). "Lost Wax" bronze (or hot-cast bronze) is actually 100% pure Bronze - essentially copper and tin. The most known and used process for making "lost wax" involves pouring of molten bronze. This is the same method used by the ancient civilizations to create bronze sculptures. The making of a "lost wax" bronze is a complex and time consuming process, and specific technical expertise is needed to accomplish the task of making a bronze.

Hand patinated to replicated the original bronze
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