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Custom Bronze Sculptures

Have you wished you could have a bronze bust of yourself or somebody you love? Or a bronze reproduction of your favorite museum sculpture? We frequently have requests from our customers for custom bronze portraits or sculptures. If there is a custom bronze sculpture that you would like to commission, please send us pictures and we will give you a free quote estimate of how long it will take a how much it will cost. Payment is required in order to start the process of creating a bronze sculpture. It typically takes 1-3 months for completion and delivery of a custom bronze, and in case of very complex sculptures it may take more time. We will be able to give you more details once we see the details of your request. Here are some examples of our completed custom bronze sculptures:

1 Museum statue of Neptune custom bronze reproduction

This is a custom bronze reproduction of a museum statue of Neptune which a customer in France has commissioned. The below sequence of pictures begins with a picture of the original sculpture as displayed in the museum, followed by the clay model we sculpted from scratch, and the final lost wax bronze casting with dark brown patina as chosen by the customer.

2 Bronze life-size statue of Senator Angel Santos of Guam

We are proud to have created a custom life-size bronze statue of the late Guam Senator Angel Santos, a United States Air Force veteran and an icon of Chamorro activism. We sculpted Senator Santos from the several photographs we were presented with. The completed custom bronze statue now stands at the Santos Memorial Park in Hagatnain Guam, a park formerly known as "Latte Stone Park" until it was renamed in honor of the late senator. The unveiling of the bronze statue was covered by the Guam media.

3 Trojan Warrior life-size custom bronze statuereproduction

The below example is of a custom bronze sculpture reproduction we made of a life-size Trojan warrior. It was created exactly per client's specific request.

These custom bronze examples are testimony of the quality. You can expect the same perfection for your sculpture too.

4 Reduction of Nike of Samothrace custom bronze statue

The original statue of Nike of Samothrace in the Louvre Museum is 244 cm tall. This reproduction is requested by the customer to be 180 cm, a reduction in size. The pictures below show the sculpting of the Nike statue in clay in the custom size of 180 cm, proportionate to the original.After a mold of the completed clay model is made, the statue is then cast in bronze using the lost wax method. The final step is application of patina. We can apply any bronze patina to your custom sculpture and in this example you can see dark brown bronze and verdigris green bronze

5 Custom bronze busts

We can create a custom bronze bust from your portrait picture, or a bust that you have seen in a museum that you’d like replicated. We can make it a life-size,a reduction or enlargement.Just let us know the size you would like it made and we will sculpt it for you. Here are some examples of custom bronze busts we have created for our customers. These two busts of Pericles and Ajax are reductions of museum originals which we created in lost wax bronze for a customer in Australia.

Description of the process for creating a custom bronze sculpture

1) The process begins with re-sculpting the sculpture model in clay.

2) When the clay model is completed we will send you pictures to see the progress of your sculpture.

3) Once approved, we then create a mold of the completed clay model.

4) Finally we use this mold to cast the bronze using the lost wax method.

5) The final step is application of patina. We can apply any bronze patina to your custom sculpture, including verdigris green bronze, blue bronze, brown bronze, dark brown bronze or black bronze – the choice is yours.

6) When your bronze sculpture is complete we will email you a new set of photos to see the final result.