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Custom Busts

Like our custom sculptures, our custom busts can be made in either bronze or marble. We can create a bust from your portrait picture, or a bust that you have seen in a museum and you’d like replicated. We can make a life-size, reduction or an enlargement of a famous museum bust. Just let us know the size in which you would like it made and we will sculpt it for you. Here are some examples of custom bronze and marble busts we have created for our customers over the years:


1 Custom marble bust of Benjamin Ward (New York City Police Commissioner)

Benjamin Ward was the first African-American police commissioner of New York City, who held the office from 1983-1989.  The New York Police Department commissioned a white marble bust to be created in his honer and Ancient Sculpture Gallery is proud to have completed this historical artwork.  Below is a picture of Benjamin Ward next to the clay model we created and the final white marble bust sculpture.  Per request, the white marble block used to create this carving has some vaining.  


Custom marble bust of Benjamin Ward


The bust was displayed at the opening of the Benjamin Ward Memorial Library at the Police Academy in Queens, New York on November 20, 2017, in the presence of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Police Commissioner James O’Neill, NYPD officers and city officials (source: and NYPD)




The event was also featureed at the Daily News with a photograph of Police Officer Khary Hoyle, grandson of Benjamin Ward, posing next to the bust of his grandfather.


 New York Daily News Benjamin Ward bust



2 Custom bronze bust from photograph

Creation of a custom bronze bust begins with sculpting of the face and the base in clay.  Once the clay model is approved by the customer, a mold is made which will be used to cast lost wax bronze casting.  In the example below the customer requested his custom bronze bust to be without the glasses in the photograph.  This particular bronze bust is a head-neck-base bust, which customers typically order in sizes around 12"-15" tall, whereas a larger life-size head-neck-shoulders-base bust can be around 25"-30" tall, depending of how tall the shoulder/upper body the customer choses.  


Custom bronze bust from photo 



3 Queen of Spain Isabel II marble bust custom recreation 

This is a custom made reproduction of the bust of Veiled Queen of Spain Isabel II in solid white marble.  The original (pictured on the far left) is housed at the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain.  We first sculpted the bust in clay and after the clay model was approved we then carved it out of solid white marble block in size 38" tall (pictured on the far right).


 Isabel Queen of Spain custom bust



4 Sculpting of custom bust in white marble from photograph

The below sequence of pictures show the process of sculpting of a custom bust in white marble from photograph. The clay model is sculpted first and then after customer approval the final creation of the white marble is completed. The below pictures show the picture of the customer, the sculpting of the face of clay model and sculpting the entire bust with its base, and finally completed custom bust sculpture in white marble.




5 Custom bronze bust from picture

This is a life-size custom bronze bust from a picture, made with the traditional lost-wax method.  After the clay model was approved by the customer, a mold was made, which was used in the process of creating the bronze casting.  Per customer's requirement, the detail on the tie was retained in the bronze bust. Two copies were made for the customer.  The second casting is lot less then the first one as the mold is already created, thus driving the overall average cost per bust down.  Higher the number of requsted bronze copies, results in lower overall average price per bust.


Custom bronze bust from picture



6 Sculpting of custom bust in white marble from a World War II photograph

Customer requests a custom marble bust to be made from a World War II picture. The below pictures show the process of sculpting of the model in clay while closely following the original photograph. A base is added to the bust. After customer approval of the model the sculpture is finally carved out of single white marble block.




7 Sculpting of custom bust of African gentlemen in white marble from a photograph

As in the previous example, we worked from a single photograph to create a marble bust of a gentlemen from Africa, comminsioned by his family who wanted to preserve his memory.  We first created the clay model and after final approval from the family we carved the marble bust from a single block of white marble.


 Custom marble bust



8 Sculpting of custom white marble bust from a photograph

Here is another example of creating a custom bust from a photo.  After the customper gave us his final approval, the white marble bust was carved out a single block of marble, professionaly packaged and shipped.


Custom bust from photograph 



9 Recreation of an ancient Greek bust of Demosthenes from Louvre Museum

Customer in Brazil requested a marble reproduction of the ancient bust of the Athenian statesman Demosthenes, which is housed at the Louvre Museum in Paris. We first sculpted the item in clay and after customer’s approval we made it in white marble in the size desired by the customer.




10 Pericles and Ajax bronze busts

These two busts of Pericles and Ajax are reductions of museum originals which we created in lost wax bronze for a customer in Australia. The museum originals are in marble and larger in size. These reproductions were first sculpted in clay and reduced in size proportionate to the originals. Afterward a mold is made and finally the lost wax bronze castings were made.




Feel free to contact us if you would like a custom bronze or marble bust of yourself, someone you know, or a museum original reproduction. We will provide you with a free quote and work with you every step on the way of creating your sculpture.   

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