Ancient Sculpture Gallery

Custom Marble Sculptures

Have you wished you could have a marble bust of yourself or somebody you love? Or a marble reproduction of your favorite museum sculpture? We frequently have requests from our customers for custom marble portraits or sculptures. If there is a custom marble sculpture that you would like to commission, please send us pictures and we will give you more details. We will give you an estimate of how long it will take a how much it will cost. Payment is required in order to start the process of creating a marble sculpture.

We work directly on the marble block in creating a custom marble sculpture. It typically takes 1-3 months for completion and delivery of a custom marble, and in case of very complex sculptures it may take more time. We will be able to give you more details once we see your request. When your sculpture is complete we will email you pictures of the completed artwork.

Here are few examples of custom marble works we have created for our customers:

1. Athena Minerva museum statue custom reproduction

Athena was an ancient Greek goddess of war. Her Roman equivalent was Minerva. A customer wanted a Custom Marble reproduction of original museum Athena Minerva statue. The below sequence of images shows the original museum statue of Athena and the process of recreating its reproduction in white marble:

2. Reduction Nike of Samothrace from the original

Reduction of the famous Nike of Samothrace from the Louvre Museum from the original 2.2 meters to 1.8 meters tall

3. Custom marble busts

The below sequence of pictures shows the process of sculpting of a custom bust in white marble from photograph. The clay model is sculpted first and then after customer approved it the final creation of the same in white marble is completed.

To see more examples of custom marble works please visit our custom busts page where several custom marble busts are displayed.

4. Other custom sculpting projects

Along with custom statues and custom busts, we can create any other custom shapes according to your specifications. Here is a custom reproduction of a marble crest done from picture provided by customer. Since the picture is incomplete, we fist drew the missing parts of the marble crest. After approval from the customer the final marble crest reproduction is sculpted.

Here is a modern sculpture of a drain and our completed reproduction in cast stone with marble finish as per customer’s request:

Here is our reproduction of the Mycenaean “Lion Hunt” Burial Dagger museum original with hand-painted custom reproduction in gold and silver:

Choices of marble

You have several different marble color choices for your sculpture and you can choose from White Marble, Antique Beige, Holestone, Yellow Marble, or Black Marble. Below are several examples for each one of these options. Just let us know which type of marble you prefer and we will create your custom sculpture in the color of your choice.

If you have a custom marble sculpture project feel free to ask any questions you may have. We will be happy to present you with a free quote of how much it would cost to make your custom marble sculpture