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Custom Mosaics

How would like to see these ancient masterpieces decorating the floors and walls of your residence just as they once decorated the houses, palaces, and temples of the Macedonians and Romans? If there is an ancient mosaic (or a modern one) that you would like replicated for you, contact us. All our mosaics are handmade in the same techniques utilized by the ancient mosaicists more the 2000 years ago, with stunning detail and full attention to scale and proportion (see the photo gallery of our production of the Alexander Mosaic). Each mosaic is laid down on a mesh backing and can be installed easily on a wall or floor, both indoors and outdoors. You can decorate any wall with a mosaic image, hallways, floor centers of dining and living rooms, above the fireplace, in an archway, on table tops, pools, and baths due to mosaic's™s ability to withstand water and humidity, unlike other forms of art. And because they are made from natural marbles, the colors won's™t alter over time. The picture below shows the process of creating a mosaic. This particular one depicts the recreation of the Alexander Mosaic, now housed at the Naples Archaeological Museum.

Custom Busts

Detail from the reconstruction of the Alexander Mosaic