Ancient Sculpture Gallery

Custom Mold Making Services

Custom Film Props. If you need any kind of props for a documentary or a film, we may be able to help. Our artists can create for you virtually anything. Whether it is a sculptures, paintings, weapons, shields, helmets, decorations for your set, we can provide you with a custom quote. Just let us know your requirements. Museums, other institutions, or individuals can also take advantage of our mold-making services. Do you want to make profit from the sculptures you are already posses or simply reproduce them for your own benefit? Would you like to create copies from your collection and display them at universities or public locations while the originals are safely kept elsewhere? Would you like to make copy of your coin collection, a bust, or statue in your house?

If you already have a sculpture that you would like reproduced for yourself, we can create a custom mold for you. We can make molds from small objects to life-size statues. It is delicate and time consuming process and in the end we will present you with a mold of your object from which you can make your own castings. Or, we can make the castings for you if you like and send them to you together with your original and mold.

There are several ways this can be done. For very large objects, you can either ship them to us and we can ship them back to you with the included mold. Or it is cost beneficial we could also have our mold-maker come to your location with necessary materials and create the mold at your premises.

For smaller sculptures it is best that you ship us the item. Our experience mold makers will create the mold and when completed we can ship you back your original, the new mold and the new casting/s if required by you.

If you would like to sell reproductions from the mold we have made for you, we can also keep the mold for you and make castings for you when you need them. We can then ship them either to you or your customers. In short our custom mold-making services are available to you for making molds and if required copies from your original objects. If you think you might benefit from such service, please contact us and we will give a free quote. Below is described the process of creating a mold out of original sculptures.