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Gold Horn of Gallehus

Made of polymer

Dimensions: 30.3" (77 cm)

Item No. A0255

Period: Medieval

This Item is an Identical Museum Reproduction

Gold Horn of Gallehus
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Gold Horn of Gallehus reproduction replica. The Golden Horns of Gallehus were two horns made of sheet gold, discovered in Gallehus, north of Møgeltønder in South Jutland, Denmark.[1] The horns date to the early 5th century, i.e. the beginning of the Germanic Iron Age. The horns were found in 1639 and in 1734, respectively, at locations only some 15-20 meters apart.[1] They were composed of segments of double sheet gold. The two horns were found incomplete, the longer one found in 1639 has seven segments with ornaments, to which six plain segments and a plain rim were added, possibly by the 17th century restorer. The shorter horn found in 1734 has six segments, a narrow one bearing a Proto-Norse Elder Futhark inscription at the rim and five ornamented with images. It is uncertain whether the horns were intended as drinking horns, or as blowing horns, although drinking horns have more pronounced history as luxury items made from precious metal. The original horns were stolen and melted down in 1802. Unfortunately, casts made of the horns in the late 18th century were also lost. Replicas of the horns must thus rely on 17th and 18th century drawings exclusively and are accordingly fraught with uncertainty. Nevertheless, replicas of the original horns were produced and are exhibited at the National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark and the Moesgaard Museum, near Aarhus, Denmark. These replicas also have a history of having been stolen and retrieved twice, in 1993 and in 2007.


Polymer is a heavy and very strong type of resin material that captures perfectly the details of the casting. The advantages of polymer when compared to concrete, cast stone, and cement are that it is far less fragile and much more resistant.


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