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Hoplophoneous Skull

Finish: Antique Aged finish

Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 3" (8 cm x 1 cm x 18 cm)

Item No. SK017

Period: Pre-Historic

This Item is an Identical Museum Reproduction

Hoplophoneous Skull
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The Hoplophoneous is the ancestor of all Saber Tooth Cats, first appearing 35 million years ago and surviving for nearly 10 million years. This delicate replica, which measures 7" x 4" x 3", was cast from a fossilized reconstruction.


This item is part of our museum quality fossil replicas. Each cast is hand detailed and hand finished to create the most authentic fossil replica possible. The majority of our fossil replicas are molded from original fossil material housed at major museums throughout USA. From the original specimen we create a detailed mold and then hand cast a full-size replica. Our proprietary molding and casting process duplicates the intricate details of the original with remarkable accuracy; the sutures, muscle origins and fine cranial pitting is clearly visible. These replicas are proudly displayed in many executive offices and homes. Fossil replicas are used for study in major colleges and universities, displayed in museums throughout the world, and collected by people with a love of natural history. Fossils tell us about our planet's history. Such replicas are collected by paleontologists, artists, doctors, celebrities, dentists and those with an appreciation for the Earth's past.


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