Kore Ancient Archaic Greek Museum Copy sculpture statue

Made of cast stone

painted finish

80cm or 31.5"H

Item No.

National Archaeological Museum, Athens

Greek Age (7th-4th century B.C.)

This Item is an Identical Museum Reproduction

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Kore Ancient Archaic Greek Museum Copy sculpture statue. This is a replica of a museum original. Made of cast stone with painted finish and placed on marble pedestal. About: Kore (Greek - ???? - maiden; plural korai) is the name given to a type of ancient Greek sculpture of the Archaic period. Most of the Archaic Kores, which are the boast of the Acropolis Museum were found during the excavations of 1886. They must have stood somewhere in the Acropolis before they were destroyed by Xerxes' army in the summer of 480 BC. Many of them perhaps portray specific persons like priestesses. This work exhibits a superiority of both spirit and technique, seen particularly in its expressive face. There are multiple theories on who they represent, and as to whether they represent mortals or deities - one theory is that they represent Persephone the daughter in the triad of the Mother Goddess cults or votary figures to attend the maiden goddess. Kouroi are the youthful male equivalent of Kore statues. They both show the restrained "archaic smile", but - unlike the nude kouroi - korai are depicted in thick drapery, ornate and (in painted examples) very colorful and often have elaborate braided hairdos. (Some of the hair styles of the statues are quite Egyptian and Minoan in style and often resembling the hairstyle of the Gorgon.
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