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Macedonian Royal Symbol Broach

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This small broach depicts the ancient Macedonian symbol of Alexander the Great. It can be used as a plaque or as a broach. It can adorn your wall or be used as jewelry decoration. This 16-rayed star is the national Macedonian royal symbol of Philip of Macedon, Alexander the Great, and the ancient Macedonian Empire. This ancient Macedonian symbol is also know as the Macedonian Star, Macedonian Sun, Sun of Vergina, and Star of Vergina, after the location of the Macedonian royal tombs. The Macedonian broach is made of cast stone, coated in several finished – Gold (A and B); Silver (C); Bronze (D and E); Copper (F); and Antique (G and H); Comes with pin in the back. Item No. 355 Weight 0.1 Lb. Diameter 2″ (4.7cm) x D: 0.25″ (0.8cm)