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Sargon of Akkad Akkadia Bust

Dimensions: 21" tall (53.5cm)
Weight: 60 lbs (27 kg)
Item No. A001
Period: Assyrian Mesopotamian Babylonian Persian
Condition: New
This Item is an Identical Museum Reproduction


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Sargon of Akkadia Bust Sargon of Akkad, also known as Sargon the Great was an Akkadian emperor famous for his conquest of the Sumerian city-states in the 24th and 23rd centuries BC. Sargon is the first individual in recorded history to create a multiethnic, centrally ruled empire, and his dynasty controlled Mesopotamia for around a century and a half.  The story of Sargon’s birth and childhood is given in the Sargon legend;, a Sumerian text purporting to be Sargon’s biography. Stories of Sargon’s power and that of his empire may have influenced the body of folklore that was later incorporated into the Bible. This head is replica after the original from the National Museum of Iraq, Baghdad. Mesopotamia, around 2350 BC. 21″ tall

Made of polymer
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