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Sculpture "Danzante Fauno in Pompeii" (original size), Bronze Art

Made of Bonded Bronze (cold cast)

Dimensions: 31.5" (80 cm)

Item No. A0192

National Archaeological Museum, Naples

Period: Roman Imperial (1st-4th century A.D.)

This Item is an Identical Museum Reproduction

Sculpture "Danzante Fauno in Pompeii" (original size), Bronze Art
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Sculpture "Danzante Fauno in Pompeii" (original size), Bronze Art reproduction replica


What is the difference between 100% solid bronze (lost wax cast) and Bonded Bronze (cold cast)? Our bronze sculptures are made either in Cold Cast Bronze or Hot Cast Bronze (lost wax bronze), or both. Cold Cast Bronze and Hot Cast Bronze and two different methods of creating bronze objects. 1) Hot-Cast Bronze is actually Bronze - essentially copper and tin. The making of a Hot-Cast Bronze is a complex and time consuming process, and specific technical expertise is needed to accomplish the task of making a bronze. The most known and used process for making sculpture is called the "Lost Wax" Process, and involves pouring of molten bronze. Our larger sculptures are made of Hot-Cast or lost wax bronze. 2) Cold-Cast Bronze, also referred to as "bonded bronze," is a product made from resin mixed/blended with 100% pure bronze powder to give it the appearance of the true bronze. It looks just as a hot-cast bronze object does - both are bronzes. Some of our smaller sculptures are made of cold cast bronze. The cost for making a hot-cast bronze statue is much greater than that of a cold-cast bronze statue. A sculpture made of hot-cast bronze would be several times more expensive then made in cold cast bronze. Yet in either of the above materials, the casts (the final product made out of the mold) are made using the same rubber mold; which is taken from the original sculpture. Thus, the final result is exactly the same bronze sculpture, only made in a different bronze material. With the cold cast we still achieve the same bronze effect at much lower cost and thus is more affordable.


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