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Secutor Gladiator Helmet from Roman Herculaneum

Item No. H011
Period: Roman Imperial (1st-4th century A.D.)
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This Secutor Gladiator Helmet from Herculaneum is made from brass. The original gladiator secutor helmet was found near Herculaneum in southern Italy. Fully wearable. Thought to have originated around 50 AD, the Secutor “chaser” was armed similarly to the Murmillo gladiator, usually with a short sword, a gladius, or a dagger. The Secutor was specially trained to fight a Retiarius, a type of gladiator who had a trident and a net. The very distinctive helmet of the Secutor had only two small eye-holes, in order to prevent a Retiarius’s trident from being thrust through the face, as well as a rounded top, so as not to get caught in a net. The flanges protecting his neck were smooth and shaped like fish fins for this purpose. Because of the weight and lack of space in the helmet, the secutor had to win quickly, lest he fall to exhaustion or faint due to breath constrictions. The secutor wore a loincloth, and a wide belt much like that of the retiarius. On his right arm, he wore a manica a heavy linen or metal wrapping tied with leather thongs , and on his left leg, he wore an ocrea a greave made of boiled leather or metal . He also carried a scutum a curved rectangular shield to protect himself.

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