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Viking Bracelet

Sterling silver

Dimensions: Inner circumference 6 3/4 in

Item No. J113

British Museum, London

Period: Medieval

This Item is an Identical Museum Reproduction

Viking Bracelet
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Sterling silver. Inner circumference 6 3/4 in. With a center hinge for easy opening. The Viking period began when Scandinavian warriors, driven from their homeland by social pressures, political strife, and quest for trade, raided coastal lands in the British Isles and Europe, even reaching North America. Aided by their swift, elegantly built ships, the Vikings (named after the Old English word for "pirate") explored and colonized vast regions, trading from Greenland to Constantinople. Viking men and women wore jewelry as a visible badge of wealth and status. The decorative vocabulary of weapons, pins, brooches, pendants, and buckles made of precious metals and bronze was dominated by stylized animal patterns, sometimes reaching an abstraction of great complexity and sophistication. More simple pieces, such as neck rings and thick metal armbands, are notable for their size and extravagant use of gold or silver. The Museum's bracelet is based on a torque-shaped armlet from the late sixth-early seventh century. The original is made of silver and was found in Ukraine with a hoard comprising more than one hundred silver objects thought to represent part of the treasure of an unknown local ruler. Produced in cooperation with The British Museum, London.


What we offer? Have you ever wished you could wear the same jewelry once worn by the famous kings, queens, emperors and empresses of antiquity? Ancient Sculpture Gallery is presenting you that unique opportunity. Here you will find accurate museum reproductions of the some of the most impressive historical jewelry, from the beginnings of human civilization to the modern era. We carry full lines of jewelry: rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, cameos and intaglios, and jewelry with coins. We offer jewelry in silver and in various denominations of gold, from 14k to pure .999 24k gold, just like their ancient originals. We also offer gold plated jewelry in up to 24k gold. The ancients treasured pure gold and used it to make objects for their most important rituals. The famous pieces of Egyptian, Greek, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Inca and Aztec civilizations would not last if they were made of anything less than 24 karat gold. In the today's museums around the world, ancient gold jewelry, coins and artifacts, continue to remind us of the enduring beauty and elegance of pure 24k gold. Civilizations:We offer jewelry from the following civilizations: Ancient Egypt, Greece, Roman Empire, Hellenistic (Macedonian) Age, Minoan Crete, Etruscans, Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Persia, Syria, Byzantine Empire, Vikings, Celtic, Ancient Slavs, Anglo-Saxon Britain, Frankish Gaul, Islamic and Ottoman, China and Tibet, Imperial Russia, and 19th-20th century Modern Museums: We have jewelry reproductions from these museums: The British Museum in London, State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm, Cleveland Museum of Art, Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Victoria and Albert Museum in London and more. The ancient Greek, Hellenistic and Roman antiquity, from 5th century BC to 4th century AD, is when some of the most fascinating pieces of jewelry were created. They are now part of various prominent museums around the world and we are here offering their museum reproductions in gold and silver. Many of the items can be done in sets (ex. necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring). Please contact us if you wish a complete set of one same design. Rings are available in several sizes - when placing your order please tell us your chosen size. Visit our "JEWELRY" listings! Our jewelry products are replicas of ancient jewelry masterpieces now in the museums around the world, made of gold and silver, and sometimes adorned with precious stones. Buy with confidence - we have excellent customer satisfaction among our customers around the world.

Our jewelry products are replicas of ancient jewelry masterpieces now in the museums around the world. We offer jewelry in silver and in various denominations of gold, from 14k to pure .999 24k gold, just like their ancient originals. We also offer gold plated jewelry in up to 24k gold. The base metal is brass in most cases for all our gold plated jewelry. Many of our jewelry are decorated with various precious stones. For more details please visit our "Jewelry FAQ".


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